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Healthe Care

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Healthe Care Australia is a subsidiary of Luye Medical Group, the healthcare service division of Luye Group. As a leading pan-Asian healthcare services group, the Healthe Care management team continues to work with other Luye Executives to explore growth opportunities across South East Asia and China.

We are the third largest corporate private hospital operator in Australia and one of the country’s largest privately-owned healthcare organisations. Healthe Care employs near 7,000 people and operates a portfolio of 37 medical/surgical, rehabilitation and mental health hospitals and day surgeries located in major cities and key regional areas across Australia and one in New Zealand. These include around 2,500 beds and 70 operating theatres. We also provide a range of outpatient services including workplace rehabilitation and community nursing which offer patients flexibility and continuity of care beyond their hospital stay. Healthe Care is also one of the largest private providers in the mental health sector, offering near 800 beds across Australia.

Our philosophy is simple. We aim to provide people with the right tools, information and services to empower them to take control of their health. Our strong portfolio of businesses work together to deliver premium health services to our valued clients and patients.